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Patrol Hawk G1 12-Zone GSM Anti-Theft Alarm System Supports Smart Phone Controlled - Black + Silver patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Material: ABS material - Brand: Patrol Hawk - Model: G1 - Color: Black + silver - Quantity: 1 - Power Supply: 100~240V - Remote Controlled distance: 30 meters - Voice Decibels: 110dB - Supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz - Battery Type: Lithium battery - Certification: RoHS - Built-in 7.4V / 850mAh battery - Can send SMS to switch the language (Chinese / English / Russian / Spanish / German) - Each zone has independent arm / disarm functions. - 2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones. - With voice reminder when users operate the system. - Support two-way video communications - Can work with wired & wireless sensor. - Each wireless zone can use countless wireless sensors - Users can pre-record a voice message in the system and playback when system is alarmed. - Send SMS text to 3 mobile phones and auto-dial 3 phones to inform the user. - Users can use any phone to listen what is happening - Program and control the system by keyboard remotes SMS or phone. - Send SMS and Voice to inform users which zone is alarming when the system is triggered. - Use SMS to change the zone name & content. - Use SMS to inquiry the system status wherever. - With password protection System will inform users when incorrect password is tried 3 times - Wireless Emergency function (24 hours zone). - With Backup rechargeable battery system can work even if there is a power is failure. - Send SMS to inform you when there is a power failure or returns to - Packing list: - 1 x Alarm host - 1 x Infrared detector (Powered by 1 x 9V battery included) - 1 x Door magnetic detector (Powered by 1 x 12V / 27A battery included) - 1 x English user manual - 2 x Remote controllers (Powered by 1 x 12V / 27A battery included) - 1 x Siren (80cm) - 1 x EU plug power charger (100~240V 100cm) - 1 x Door magnet - 1 x Host wall hanging holder - 1 x Infrared detector holder - 2 x Screws
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Patrol Hawk G50B 3.1 LCD Industry Household GSM Anti-Theft Intelligent Alarm System - Black patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Material ABS material Brand Patrol Hawk Model G50B Color Black Quantity 1 Power Supply AC 110~220V / DC 12V Remote Controlled distance 30 meters Voice Decibels 110dB Battery Type Lithium battery Certification CE Other 3.1" LCD; Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz; The host with 24 wireless alarm guarding zones 2 wired alarm guarding zones 1 wireless fire alarm zone 1 external power failure alarm zone. With integrated color LCD screen & keyboard; The host with anti-dismantle alarm function; Automatically send SMS to 3 preset mobile phones & dial 3 preset phone / telephones while alarming; Support recording monitoring at site and two way communication function; Support two coding scheme includes fixed code and learning code; Arm/disarm / partial arm by keyboard remote controller SMS and timing setting; Program alarm host by keyboard or SMS; Alarm guarding zones can be modified by SMS. Define the wireless zones by host keyboard. Check host status by SMS. Connect to alarm center network through GSM. Packing List 1 x Alarm host 4 x PIR detectors (Each one built-in 1 x 6F22 battery and come with one pack installation accessories ) 4 x Door magnetic detectors (Each one built-in 1 x 23A 12V battery and come with one double sides adhesive tape ) 1 x Smoke detector (2-Round-Pin plug / 130cm-cable) 1 x Gas detector (Built-in 1 x 9V battery) 1 x Alarm horn (110cm) 1 x 2-Round-Pin plug power adapter (100~240V / 100cm) 1 x English user manual 1 x Base stand 1 x Antenna 1 x 4 Pin connecting cable (15cm) 1 x 2 Pin power adapter cable (35cm)
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PATROL HAWK G2 Intelligent Touch Anti-theft Home Security Alarm System - White (6 x CR2032) patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Can work for global users with 6 languages (English / Russian / Spanish / German / French / Chinese); With touch keys can set Arm/Disarm/Home arm mode on alarm panel; Direct phone call via the keypad; Learning code for wireless detectors; Two-way communication; 24 wireless zones 6 special fire alarm zones and 14 remote controller 6 panic buttons and 2 wired zones; Equipped with 3 SMS alarm numbers and 3 phone calls; Delay alarm function (0~60 seconds for optional); Setup siren alert time (0~254 seconds for optional); 2 wireless relay output; Remote control alarm host via SMS command and phone calls; Home mode arm function; Record voice for 10 seconds; External power failure / recovery alarm function (optional); With backup battery working time >/=10 hours; GSM frequency: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz quad band
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Multifunction Quadband GPS / GSM / GPRS Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm Tracker System - Black patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Brand N/A Model HO2 Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Black Network GPS / GSM / GPRS Band 900 / 1800 or 850 / 1900 MHz SIM Card Qty. one SIM Emergency Phone Number Qty. 1 Tracking Information Method Monitoring and controlling platform Power Supply 24V GPS Chip SIRF3 GPS Sensitivity 159 dB GPS Channel 1 Position Accuracy 10 m Altitude Limit 1000 m Hot Start 2 seconds Warm Start 32 seconds Cold Start 38 seconds SOS Yes Geo-fence Yes Vibrating Alerts Yes Remote Monitoring Yes Engine Cut Off Yes Realtime Monitoring Yes Track Playback Yes ACC Anti-Theft Yes Overspeed Alerts Yes Low Battery Alerts Yes GPS Blind Area Alarm No Voice Call Yes Waterproof Function No Working Temperature 20'C~+70'C Working Humidity 20%~80% Other Features Function: Anti-theft alarm positioning remote monitoring vibration alarm oil/electric fail alarm. Packing List 1 x GPS anti-theft alarm system 1 x Relay 1 x Microphone (140cm-cable) 1 x Cable with press key (110cm) 1 x Connecting cable (140cm) 1 x English / Chinese user manual CD: m2.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/sku.54072.zip
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Patrol Hawk G1 Household Burglar Alarm Support APP Phone w/ Antenna Suit - White (AC 100~240V) patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Super faddish design alarm control panel ; iOS app & Android App operation; Compatible with varieties of sensors; DIY for the alarm zones name; With password protection more safer more comfortable; Multi-languages for you to choice; Support iOS APP and Android App; Support Chinese/English/Russian/Spain languages etc; 12 wireless zones 2 wired zones; Listen in two-way communication; Intelligent heating work normally at -45; 3 alarm phone numbers 3 message alarm phone numbers; Voice prompt when remote control; Phone control short message control iOS & Android app control; Delay arm delay alarm; Backup rechargeable battery AC power failure alarm .
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Home Security Wireless Quad-band GSM 2.4 LCD Screen Anti-theft Electronic Alarm - White patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
User Manual: http://m5.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/img/321572.doc - With dual network of GSM + telephone cable so that the system is more secure and reliable. - With quad-band GSM module for global use. - Includes 2 wired zones and 99 wireless zones. - Supports code pairing with 8 wireless remote controllers. - LCD screen with a built-in clock. - With voice prompts for easy operations. - Supports an external intercom speaker. - Supports 3 groups of timed arming and 3 groups of timed disarming. - The main device can dial alarm calls to 6 preset phone numbers. - The main device can send text alarm to 3 preset phone numbers. - With 10-second manual recording function to leave messages. - With a built-in digital voice device to give voice alarm automatically. - With built-in SMS service to send alarm messages automatically. - Supports wireless alarm siren and control by wireless devices (customization). - With the One-Key-Control function you can conduct Away Arming Home Arming Remote Control Arming or Off-site Telephone Arming. - Alarm Location Programming: Help Fire Gas Leak Door Lock Living Room Window Balcony and Perimeter Alarm. - Includes multiple zone programming functions like Real-Time Delay 24 Hour Bypass. - With Wireless Self-learning Code Pairing new accessories can be installed conveniently safely and effectively. - Off-site remote control allows Main Device Arming Disarming Monitoring Intercom etc. - Arming Modes: Remote Control Real-Time Arming Away Delayed Arming Home (Stay) Arming Timing Arming Off-site Telephone Remote Arming. - Line Seizure: If an alarm happens the main device will cut off the busy line and give priority to make a call for the alarm. - With a built-in 7.2V lithium battery it can power the Alarm during a blackout. - Comply with the CCC Safety Standard and GB12663-2001 national standard. - Conform to ADEMCO Contact ID protocol (customization).
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DaYing DY-10A Wireless GSM Intelligent Anti-Theft Digital Alarm System - White (Russian Language) patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Material ABS Brand DaYing Model DY-10A Color White Quantity 1 Power Supply DC 12V Remote Controlled distance 10~30m Voice Decibels 110dB Battery Type Ni-Hi 800mAh 6 x AAA battery Certification CE Other Input voltage: DC12V; Standby current: <55mA; Alarm current: <450mA; Wireless frequency: 315MHz 2262 / 4.7Mohm; GSM standard: 900 / 1800 / 850 / 1900 selectable; 4-channel wired and 6-channel wireless; 6 groups of audio calls and 3 groups of SMS; Remote intercom function; Wireless appliance control wireless siren optional (wireless control eliminating the need for wiring construction); Timing Control Appliance is turned off; 3 groups of timing arm disarm; 10 seconds ISD automatic message recording; Built-in AI digital voice remote setup control full voice prompts; Alarm locking memory and information at a glance; Outside arming home arming remote arming; Wireless intelligent learning code easy and convenient to be equipped; Mobile phone remote control arm disarm monitor intercom; Instant delay 24 hours bypass zones; Remote arm and disarm operation siren tone can be set; E2PROM information protection will not lost if cut power. Packing List 1 x Wireless GSM alarm system 2 x Remote controllers 1 x Door magnet 1 x Door magnet sensor (1 x 23A included) 1 x IR detector (1 x 6F22 included) 2 x Parts for IR detector 1 x Antenna 1 x 2-flat-pin plug power charger (100~240V / 110cm) 1 x English user manual 1 x 3M sticker
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MS-08 Waterproof Anti-theft Car Vehicle GPS Tracker Tracking System - Black patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
GPS Tracker Master 2 GSM SIM cardwhen a phone card balance is insufficientit will automatically converts to another card - Remote engine/oil stopanti-theft - Support remote controlarm & disarm & SOS & searching cars - Easy to swap SIM card and SD card - Location based service(LBS) - Real time tracking voice monitoring function - Geo-fence movement over-speed low battery alarm. - SOS panic button - SMS tracking on cellphone with Google map link. - Get absolute address including street name by sms - Web based online tracking server - Remote software upgrade - Total mileage calculation - New patent design of appearance - Application: Anti-theft car security remote engine/oil cut-off vehicle rental / out-door machines and equipment etc Product Function: - SiRF III GPS and Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz - AGPS ( with GSM Base Station ID) - Track by SMS/GPRS (TCP/UDP) - Track on demand - Track by time interval - Track by distance interval - Track on mobile phone - Built-in motion sensor - 850mAh internal backup battery - SOS alarm - Geo-fence alarm - GPS blind area alarm - Low battery alarm - Speeding alarm - Tow Alarm - GPS antenna cut alarm - External power cut alarm - Mileage report - Engine cut (Engine immobilization) - Built-in super magnet
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KICCY K01 GSM Smart Watch Phone w/ 1.54 MIPI, Anti-lost, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer - Black + Silver patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Tips: IOS system can not sync information and notification with Bluetooth
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JiaHui D04 Telephone Anti-Theft Alarm Device w/ 99 Zones - White + Silver patrol hawk g1 12 zone gsm anti theft alarm system supports smart phone controlled black silver
Material Plastic + electronic components Brand JiaHui Model D04 Color White + silver Quantity 1 Power Supply 2-Flat-Pin Plug (220V) Remote Controlled distance 200 meter Voice Decibels 120dB Battery Type N/A Certification CE / FCC / CCC Other Standard 1527 million sets of infrared; With black box function can check the nearest alarm records; All zones can be independently set various zone status especially smart zone is very effective; Anti-crack function can shield the remote control function after open; Remote distance up to 100m IR control distance 200m; Super learning ability 315MHz 1.5 resistor 3.3 resistor 4.7 resistor million group EV1527 chip; Voice alarm so you clearly know the alarm zone all operating with voice prompts. Very humane and convenient; Independent control alarm zones each zone is set arming delay and alarm delay; Long standby time UPS power supply for sustainable nearly 8-12 hours under sufficient power after power off; False alarm function (optional function you can set your own): Within 30 seconds the same infrared detector was triggered two times will cause an alarm; To start this function you can effectively avoid false positives can be used in a variety of harsh environments including a sun terrace and some other common alarm where unusable. Packing List 1 x Alarm device 1 x Siren 1 x 2-flat-pin plug power adapter (220V / 80cm) 1 x Telephone line (95cm) 1 x Chinese user manual 2 x Remote controllers 1 x IR detector 1 x Door magnet 1 x English user manual
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